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In Hentai (anime and manga pornography) the facial expressions of pleasure are referred to as Ahegao. With this series, photographer & videographer Hélène Mastrandréas wanted to use the sexual facial expression with protruding tongue, to evoke feminine pleasure in a committed and delicate way. By diverting a rather « male gaze » aesthetic, Hélène wanted to take back enjoyment & pleasure as a subject of desire!
With the aim to represent several figures of femininity, Hélène asked each model an adjective and a color to symbolize their pleasure:
Sonia: « Granny pink, emerald green and multiple »
Joanna: « Blue and water »
Sarah-Megan: « Yellow, creativity and simplicity »

Photographer & director @helenemastrandreas
Editing and animation @vincentfleischmann
DOP @julia_mingo

Make up artist @opheliesecq
Talent @joannaclubbb @sonia_deville @sarahmeganallouch
Production @elsa_philippe_ @hek0.tv
Music ‘Viseur’ by @joannaclubbb
songwriter : Joanna
Composers : Noxious, Sutus, Joanna
Mixed by NK.F
Font Typefesse by Océane Juvin @ohp.ju on @velvetyne_type_foundry